Mike Allred wraps up his latest "Madman" series, "Madman Atomic Comics" at Image next month, but he isn't slowing down. Vertigo's Graphic Content blog announced today that Allred is teaming up with writer Chris Roberson in 2010 ("Cinderella," "Jack of Fables") for the new ongoing series "I, Zombie."

The title will follow the adventures of an undead Nancy Drew named Gwendolyn Dylan (or just Gwen for short). Vertigo's hinting at "graveyards, ghosts, vampires and werewolves with a twist," which is certainly appropriate for the unconventional Allred.

Though the series doesn't seem to be related to the 1998 horror film, "I, Zombie: Chronicles of Pain," the White Zombie metal tune, "I Zombie" or other novels and comics bearing similar titles, Robot 6 suspects the title is a nod to an old "House Of Mystery" tale from DC Comics (although personally, I like the White Zombie rationale).

Further details haven't been announced, but Vertigo promises more info at the San Diego Comic-Con International.

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