Time to get some Speedball back into your life.

Marvel is relaunching New Warriors next month under the guidance of writer Christopher Yost and artist Marcus To, and at least three of readers' old favorites, Speedball, Nova (though presumably not the same Nova) and Justice, will be part of the team. New additions include Sun Girl, Scarlet Spider, and Hummingbird.

Yost described his take on the series in an interview with Marvel.com:

They’re eight people from different corners of the Marvel Universe, coming together to do the right thing, to be heroes. They’re not kids, they’re not seasoned heroes for the most part, but they’re idealists. Sometime it’s okay to be a hero for the sake of being a hero; to be with a team because they’re your friends, because it’s fun. Sometimes the world just needs saving.

A Marvel press release adds more details about how the series ties in to Inhumanity:

Evolution has gone off the rails. There are super humans, mutants, Inhumans, clones, aliens, and more everywhere you turn. Humanity no longer exists as the dominant life form on the planet. And not everyone is pleased! The High Evolutionary has raised an army to combat these “superior” beings – through complete extermination!


Now, Speedball, Justice, Nova, Scarlet Spider, Sun Girl, Hummingbird and more must stand together against the rising tide!

Yost's mention of eight members means there are two open slots on the team, so hang in there, Night Thrasher fans.

New Warriors #1 hits comic shops and ComiXology on February 19.