Superhero names can be so confusing, can't they? If it begins with a Super, it's a DC, right? But what if it begins with a Wonder? Also a DC? So what about Wonder Man? Wonder Man is a Marvel! Like Power Man! So is Power Girl a Marvel? No! She's a DC!

So if you're ever having trouble remembering which combination of superlative and person belongs to which publisher, ComicsAlliance is here to help. Just print and cut out our exclusive Matrix of Superlative Persons and slip it into your wallet between your government issued photo ID and your picture of Chris Hemsworth, and you'll never again be caught wondering who has the rights to Ultra Boy.

The Matrix of Superlative Persons. Because isn't life hard enough already?

Get the full printable cutout for your refrigerator/office/secret lair after the jump.

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Graphic by Dylan Todd.

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