This week Aaron Colter spoke at length to Bill Ayers, retired University of Illinois professor and author (and, yes, co-founder of The Weather Underground) about To Teach: The Journey, In Comics, the graphic novel adaptation of his book To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher and his workshop at this weekend's Stumptown Comics Festival.

And, as always, a lot of comics and comics-related stuff was talked about, much of which you can find recapped after the jump.


-Whether you think DC Comics and artists like Lee Bermejo, Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner should be doing it or not (they shouldn't be doing it), it's hard to argume that Bermejo, Cooke and Conner aren't good artists, as this preview art promoting the controversial Before Watchmen project demonstrates

-Carla Speed McNeil's Finder: Voice, a collection of her webcomic published by Dark Horse, has won this year's Los Angeles Times Book Prize for the best graphic novel of 2011

-DC offers a look at some art from their "second wave" of New 52 titles, which will be replacing the first of series canceled since last fall's line-wide relaunch

-The Clark Gregg-portrayed SHIELD Agent from the Marvel movies is now going to be a character in the Marvel comic book universe. And, oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson is going to be the new 616 Nick Fury, too.

--Caleb Goellner spoke with Archie CEO Jon Goldwater and iVerse CEO Michael Murphey about the publisher's new web-based digital comics storefront.


-Sims on Gruff, Beasts & Babes, Whippin' Sh***ies, Jetpack Shark and Spaz

-Chris Sims on Jack Kirby's "Next Issue" blurbs from his 1976 Captain America run

-Lauren Davis on Faith Erin Hicks' contributions


-Guarding the Globe #1's cover

-The Comic Book History of Comics

-Play Ball

-I'm Not A Plastic Bag


-Everything you need to know about the superheroes in the new Avengers movie...and a whole bunch of stuff you probably won't need to know

-Everyone's talking about Marvel's upcoming film based on a Marvel Comics characters, but Fox has plans for films based on Marvel Comics characters to, and these are what they are.


-Axe Cop's Malachai Nicolle is living every grade-schooler's dream: Not only is he writing a comic book, but he's going to get his own cartoon, too...?

-Here are 15 comic book-based TV shows that never made it farther than the pilot episode part of the development process (And yet somehow The Cape and No Ordinary Family got made...)

-Did you catch that episode of Law & Order: SVU that dealt with real-life superheroes and the corrupting influence of Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan? Well then, let Sims talk you through it.


-Monolith has previewed their upcoming DLC for Gotham City Impostors

-Here's an exclusive look at the playable Green Lantern character from the upcoming Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes game

-This is what the Black Cat will look like in The Amazing Spider-Man videogame. I'm thinking "blond Baroness," myself


-Comics schmomics, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales has finally made it for real: He's now a Hasbro action figure


-This week's Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)

-Check out Black Milk Clothing's latest collection (Completely unrelated question: Can a thirtysomething dude get away with leggings...?)