Where does Batman get all of his wonderful toys? From Gee Whiz Customs, it looks like.

The self-proclaimed commissioned custom toy specialists - and they have certainly earned the title - are currently accepting orders for their Dark Knight Armory Diorama built to coexist with Hot Toys' "The Dark Knight" action figures. Basically, we're talking about the coolest action figure closet I've ever seen with plenty of storage space for batarangs, bombs, grappling guns and more. Very impressive.Collectors interested in purchasing the set can inquire about commissions by e-mailing geewhizcustoms@gmail.com or visiting the custom group's official website. If the Armory Diorama isn't enough to satisfy your cravings for all things "The Dark Knight," Gee Whiz has also constructed a Gotham After Midnight set. It's the perfect place for Batman and the Joker to beat the living tar out of each other!

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