In an age of often middling motion comic projects, it'd be easy to dismiss something like Dark Horse's interactive Mass Effect 2: Genesis comic as BioWare's more cost-effective alternative to a series of pricy cut-scenes summarizing the events of the first game. Joystiq's somewhat beefy preview of the game's new downloadable content feature shows that, while it lacks text and word balloons, Genesis is indeed a solid use of sequential art tech to catch players up on Mass Effect history by having players effectively "choose their own adventure" at six decision points.If you ever spent time flipping through Bantam's Choose Your Own Adventure books (or similarly structured tales), Genesis seems to streamline the process of navigating a fulfilling narrative. The tale also packs potentially dozens of hours of Mass Effect gameplay into a tidy package. Finally, comics being shorter than other forms of entertainment is an advantage!

Check out the rather substantial video clip below:

[Via Joystiq]