Countdown #51 coverPress Release

COUNTDOWN, DC Comics's new, yearlong weekly series, will be supported with an unprecedented preview of the first two issues of the series on MySpace's new comic book community. MySpace Comic Books, located at, will be the only place to see the first two issues of COUNTDOWN online, in their entirety. The online content will roll out over a series of three weeks:

* The first ten pages of COUNTDOWN 51 will be on on May 4.
* The last 12 pages of COUNTDOWN 51 will be on the site on May 11, along with the first 12 pages of issue 50.
* The last ten pages of COUNTDOWN 50 will be on the site on May 18.

DC will also launch a DC Nation MySpace page on May 2.

"We have so much faith in this series that we did something special with MySpace to get the first issues out in front of as many eyes as possible," said Dan DiDio, Senior Vice President - Executive Editor, DC Comics. "This is our biggest series of 2007 and we're presenting it in the biggest way possible."

With placement on MySpace Comic Books as well as the MySpace home page, COUNTDOWN will reach a sizeable online audience. MySpace is the premier lifestyle portal for connecting with friends, discovering popular culture, and making a positive impact on the world. As the most trafficked web site in the United States, MySpace has nearly 65 million unique monthly users. MySpace Comic Books ( is the site's online destination for fans of manga, graphic novels and comic books. Fans and friends of MySpace Comic Books can check out the community to find the most exciting projects, creators, news, and events in the industry.

Additionally, DC has now revealed widespread yearlong coverage, including:

* Feature and review coverage have also been secured in various mainstream press outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scripps Howard News Service, TV Guide and scores of local newspapers across the country.
* Monthly coverage in Comics Buyer's Guide.
* Regular coverage in Comic Shop News, including an interview with series editor Mike Marts timed to the release of the first issue.
* A weekly conversation with the editor of COUNTDOWN on, including cover debuts, roundtable commentary and interior page previews.
* Regular print coverage in Wizard and weekly coverage online at