I was already a pretty big fan of The Devastator, the quarterly comedy mag that's featured CA favorites like Michael Kupperman, but now, they have turned their attention to doing something truly altruistic. With San Diego's Comic-Con International coming up next week, they've released a mobile game for iOS called Comic-Con Star Stalker, a free time-waster designed to give you something to do in those long, long panel lines.

Stalker is one of those 2D, side-scrolling "infinite run" games -- you know, like Super Boy Of Steel Run Free? -- based around the premise that you're a rabid fan charging through the San Diego Convention Center getting autographs from celebrities. Tap to jump, dodge cosplayers and aisle-blocking crowds of con-goers, repeat until you finally get into that panel about The Supernatural Brothers.

The fun thing is thatThe Devastator is also using the game as a not-so-subtle reminder that you can swing by their booth if you're at the con by actually putting said booth into the game:




As far as uses of free endless-run games go, that's a pretty clever way to make sure people get the message (and the "Pony Funnies" booth got a laugh out of me every time it scrolled past). Plus, there's a really nice set of gags with the autographs you collect thrown in for good measure:




The only thing that's not fun about it is that it might give first-time Con-goers the wrong idea about Comic-Con by featuring booths that sell actual comics and not just anime sex pillows and the new fall lineup on CBS.

You can grab the app in the iTunes store for free, and if you're planning on entering the hobo jungle that is the Hall H line, I'd highly recommend it. If nothing else, it'll give you an easy out if (and when) the person in line ahead of you wants to start talking about whether a lightsaber could cut through Superman.


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