A few of Diesel's underwear models come with names and descriptions that make them sound like supporting cast members from a "Batman XXX" sequel, but that's probably because the clothing company wants you to believe that their Fresh and Bright underwear can grant you super sexual powers. Their brightly colored squad of underwear perverts includes such champions as "Mr. Naker," who "undresses any woman (in his mind)," and "Mistress of Puppies," who appears have the power to pull on your G-string.

Those abilities may not be of a great deal of use when it comes to knocking down giant city-destroying aliens or locking up super-criminals in Arkham Asylum, but they do seem to grant the Fresh and Bright team some extraordinary stripping abilities, which can be experienced via a seizure-inducing Flash interface on Diesel.com.

Dr, Score in particular strikes us as the kind of guy you might want to stay clear of, as he "always has extra balls." Such an endowment might make it difficult for him to walk, but in Diesel's world he's meta-human marvel.