Batman rogues gallery specialist Dennis Culver has some competition out there in the Internet world of fan art thanks to creator Eiko-Chan. Her work has the thick, clean spaces and animated quality of Dustin Nguyen's, but she also throws a few less organic angles into her figures' faces and muscles. The Bat Family along with other comic heroes and villains all look youthfully refreshed in Chan's takes over on her deviantART account. You can't say as much for The Joker, however, but almost anyone who's ever worked behind a fast food counter before can probably sympathize with his demeanor.

Eiko-Chan (whose real name is Darci Robbins) has a humorous portfolio of other heroes and manga-style original art to her name. We've pulled out a few of our favorites after the jump, though, so scroll on down and find out if you think she should start getting some cover gigs sooner rather than later.

[Via Geek Art]