Jim Davis's Garfield has become something of an institution in the world of newspaper comics, notable not only because it has transformed a certain fat, orange cat into an instantly recognizable cultural icon, but also because it how somehow found a way to discuss Monday-hating and lasagna-eating for 33 years running. Now, Garfield has expanded beyond the three-panel format to the words of comic books in a new series written by Mark Evanier and published by Boom! Studios. The second issue hits comic shops (and digital distribution) this Wednesday, and we've got previews of the first two issues, including a superhero parody that stars Garfield as -- wait for it -- the Lasagnator, on a quest to discover who has stolen all of the lasagna in the world. I'm sure you're probably thinking that you know exactly what this comic is going to be like, so let me be the first person to say: You're right. It is exactly like that. It's Garfield, after all.

Garfield #1:

Garfield #2:

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