Between our exclusive interview with Gail Simone earlier this week, the announcement of "Brightest Day," and striking new images from a number of high profile books, DC has kind of been overheating my laptop this week trying to stay in step with each piece of information.

That's why I appreciate this afternoon's sunny and easily digestible post at The Source revealing that former "Teen Titans" writer Geoff Johns will revisit the team, albeit their tiny incarnation, along with regulars Art Baltazar and Franco in an upcoming issue of "Tiny Titans."

There's not a ton of information regarding the story, but there is a bountiful full-page preview. Also the implication of Johns breaking the fourth wall by writing himself into the story as the proprietor of "Mr. Johns' Sidekick City Pawn Shop And Bubblegum Emporium" is something worth smiling about.

As the owner of his own California shop, Earth-2 Comics, it's a fitting role for Johns and it should be interesting to see how his spring's "Brightest Day" mentality will reflect on the already all-ages continuity of the Tiny Titans. With a title like "In Brightest Day in the Afternoon," it should be a fairly cheerful outing for everyone involved.

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