We've seen some hilarious, cute and downright beastly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pieces here on ComicsAlliance, but Argentinian illustrator German Nobile still managed to whip out a Michelangelo pinup that paints the Heroes in a Half Shell in a new light. He's got a look to his work that resembles what you might see if you put a fan up to a Ben Templesmith scene and blew away the fog, and he seems to have a thing for kicks and breaking glass, which is just fine when you're rendering Wolverine, Spider-Woman or Captain America.
Nobile's archives of work on his deviantART account and Aracubus blog contain these and other masterpieces, including Deadpool smashing through a window to attack Deathstroke with a chainsaw, which is just about the greatest thing ever to see on a Monday.

Also, let's get this guy on some Ares covers at some point in the near future. Until then, we'll just have to settle for ogling the stuff posted down below.