If you're a fan of Gotham, then you may already have picked out your Halloween costume as one of the show's exciting and compelling characters, like Sad Child or Policeman With No Moustache. If, however, you've been putting things off, then don't worry: FOX has your back. In celebration of Halloween, the network has released a series of printable masks that you can cut out and strap to your head as a costume. There's only one problem: Only one of the characters they've provided, crime boss Fish Mooney, is actually on the show.

I mean, yes, Selina Kyle, Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot are on the show, but unless something has changed between the original ad campaign promising that they were setting this whole thing "Before The RIddler" and "Before The Penguin," then Eddie's probably not walking around sporting a lime green domino mask, and I don't think Oswald gained a hundred pounds since the pilot. And yet, here we are.

You can grab the full PDF of printable masks (which also includes Axe Cop and a couple of other FOX shows) from Gotham's Facebook page. For best results, I would suggest printing them out and wearing them while insisting to anyone who will listen that October 30 is just as fun and interesting as Halloween.