Can you believe it took until the second season was about to start for Funko to get on board the Gotham train? To be fair, it did also take a few seasons to get Arrow Pops, but Funko moved fast with The Flash [insert Price is Right winning theme here]. These are the jokes, people. Anyway, this week, Funko announced the superhero police drama Gotham would indeed finally join the Pop family of figures, with the major players from the cast getting their own caricatures in the highly popular line.

Coming in September, the Gotham Funko Pop series will include James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Fish Mooney, Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. All of them are immediately familiar if you've seen the show, but Fish Mooney and Selina Kyle, and to a degree Oswald, have a bit more of a signature look that transcends the plainclothes stylings of the GCPD and boarding school brat Bruce. There's an outfit you never saw Kenner make way back when.

It's always a challenge making characters that don't have very many unique attributes in their costuming interesting to look at in figure form. Funko's made a lot of different "normal" Pops over the years, with more certainly sure to come. That's part of the strength of the line, which is one of the rare places where people without extraordinary outfits can sustain a line of toys. There's a reason you don't seen many characters without specialized costumes from any film, comic or television show very often on the pegs at the store. Generally, people just aren't that into buying figures of people in simple shirts and pants. To Funko's credit, the company's been able to buck that trend with many pieces in the past, and surely the Gotham devoted will be happy to add these pieces to their shelves.


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