I confess that I've been at least a little addicted to Graham Annable (AKA Grickle) and Telltale Games' "Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent" this past week. The game's fun puzzles, hilarious storyline and Gricklefied aesthetic have kept me up well past my bloggy bedtime aiming for a perfect agent rating. With the meat and potatoes of the game completed, however, it's super nice to see some peripheral content cropping up online.

Annable posted the new artwork to the official Nelson Tethers Facebook page earlier this afternoon, rounding out four images from the character's "Around the Office" series. Those who have played the game will likely welcome an expanded look at the US Department of Puzzle Research. While there's apparently 20 years of history there, players mostly stick to the mysterious town of Scoggins in "Puzzle Agent." Maybe Annable will expand upon Tethers' history even further in a video game sequel? Or perhaps a Dark Horse comic? I certainly wouldn't mind.

See the new images after the jump.