We finally stand at the cusp of the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and after a month of asking you to vote in our favorite, best, greatest Avengers poll, it all comes down to this. These are the final two in the contest to determine which of over 100 Avengers members deserves bragging rights as the people's true champion. Is it Stingray? Or is it Moondragon?

Actually, despite our unsubtle lobbying for those two, you, the people, went in another direction. Captain America always seemed likely to make the final, and he's still surely the favorite. Most of us probably expected him to go toe-to-toe with Iron Man in a democratic remake of Civil War. But the semi-final between Thor and Iron Man went down to the wire, with one hero maintaining a hair's breadth lead over the other in the final hours, and now we can officially confirm that Iron Man... is out of the competition.

Yes, the star-spangled man is up against the hard bod from Asgard. (Does that rhyme in your accent? Write in and tell us.) The armor is gone, and it's the hammer versus the shield for the final. Man versus God. Head-wings versus... head-wings. (Shoulda got some head-wings, Tony.)




That result leaves these two heroes duking it out for third place: Iron Man and Captain Marvel.




UPDATE: In an entirely predicted result, Captain America is handily beating Thor. More surprisingly, he's beating Thor by a bigger margin than he beat Captain Marvel, who is in turn edging a lead against Iron Man. That's forced us to add last minute bracket. Rather than coming in fourth, could Carol Danvers actually be the second greatest Avenger?



And finally, there's our B-list Avenger runoff. We're locking Hawkeye, Black Widow and Black Panther into our top ten, but Janet Van Dyne came bottom of our A-list, so she goes back into the mix with these other big guns. Can she triumph again? Can Vision beat the Hulk? Can Scarlet Witch trounce Hercules? It's up to you to decide. You can vote for as many heroes as you want in the runoff, and you can vote once per hour.




Come back on Monday to see where all these Avengers stack up against each other. The main polls close in less than 24 hours.