It is with regret that we must admit that in our haste to bring you only the most crucial news and commentary of the day (like Let's Be Friends Again teaming up with Adam WarRock), we let slip by an observance that was more important than anything else we could have talked about on Monday. That item was the 50th birthday of the leading figure of superhero animation, Bruce Timm. Our friends at DC Women Kicking Ass were diligent enough to post a tribute to the artist in the form of some of his most beautiful drawings of several female DC Comics characters - among them, Harley Quinn, who Timm co-created with writer Paul Dini -- and we were inspired to honor the man similarly here at ComicsAlliance. Below you will find 50 of our favorite Bruce Timm illustrations, with one more for luck.Beginning with his work as a producer/writer/director/designer on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and continuing to this day with the DC Universe line of original animated features, Timm has made the DC Comics pantheon his life's work. It is generally agreed in fandom circles and among many creative professionals that Timm and his collaborators' "dark deco" version of Batman is the most superior ever depicted, both visually and in terms of character. Indeed, the influence of Batman: The Animated Series and Timm's subsequent shows - Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited - remain profound not just in the DC Comics line, but in the work of countless writers and artists throughout comics and animation.

With respect to Timm's style, there is no question that his streamlined and iconic interpretations of the DC heroes and villains are singularly responsible for addicting at least one generation of superhero fans to the genre. As demonstrated by the DC Women Kicking Ass blog and countless cosplayers at conventions around the world, it's obvious that Timm's sexy and powerful depictions of female characters have endeared many women to his work. Timm is also a regular fixture in ComicsAlliance's Best Art Ever (This Week) feature.

On behalf of that generation of early 1990s boys and girls who wouldn't be here reading ComicsAlliance as adults, happy 50th birthday, Bruce Timm. You are awesome.

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