Fans of The Avengers movie have been privy to plenty of 1/6 scale versions of the core team from Hot Toys. So far the company has delivered images of Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Loki, with the Hulk and a new Iron Man Mark VII on the way. Today the manufacturer gave fans a peek at the true heart of the team, however, with a teaser image of one Agent Phil Coulson. There's no look at the likeness of actor Clark Gregg just yet (it's likely still pending licensor approval), but the figure will come packed with the beloved agent's trademark suit and the giant gun he wielded against Loki. If that's not enough, Hot Toys has also posted a prototype of a 1/6 scale Chitauri footsoldier figure, ensuring its eventual assembled Avengers team will have plenty of high-end ugly alien dudes to fight down the road. The reveals are part of HT's Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong event presentation, which will also include looks at Iron Man Mark VII and Hulk, plus The Dark Knight Rises' The Bat vehicle, a 1/6 scale Catwoman, and a huge 1/4 scale Batman. You can preview Agent Coulson, the Chitauri footsoldier and some of the 1/4 scale Batman's accessories after the cut.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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