You might have thought that Hot Toys had hit its Tony Stark quota with the accessory-packed "Mandarin Mansion Assault Version," but it just wouldn't be the holidays without announcing a 1/6 Scale collectible figure of Stark as he appeared in Rose Hill, Tenn. in Iron Man 3.

Though there's presently no plans to release the more rural version of the self-proclaimed Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist in the US, this figure will be making the rounds overseas in 2014 -- most likely for somewhere in the $180-250 range or more.

This take on Tony comes dressed in rural-ish garb like flannel and jeans, plus optional vest, scarf and camouflage cap and cowboy hat options. He also comes packed with a repulsor blaster, cables and the usual swappable hands and stand. Hardcore fans will note the figure's Dora The Explorer watch, which, I must say, may be the most cunning HT accessory to date.

You can see Hot Toys' "Rose Hill" version of Tony Stark from Iron Man 3 below.




[Via Marvelousnews]