Thirty-nine years ago, Star Wars hit movie theaters. The world hasn't been the same ever since. That's particularly true when considering the toy industry, which owes quite a bit to the legacy of Lucasfilm's epic. While Hot Toys' latest Star Wars sixth-scale figure comes from the 1980 sequel, The Empire Strikes Back, that doesn't mean its arrival has any less impact. As the wisest Jedi from the original trilogy, Yoda has a special place in many fans' hearts. He's had a number of toys over the past few decades, but none quite so detailed and intricate as this latest collectible from the Hong Kong company.

In keeping scale with the rest of the Star Wars figures, Yoda will enter the arena a just a shade over 5" tall, which is even smaller than the Rocket Raccoon released for Guardians of the Galaxy and the Sideshow R2-D2 sixth-scale figure. I'm pretty sure that makes him the smallest actual figure from Hot Toys, not counting the BB-8 that only comes as an add-on with the deluxe Rey figure. Even that will be a close fight as BB-8 will be 4 3/4" tall. That's not exactly a lot of figure to quantify the typical three-figure Hot Toys price.

To make up for that, Yoda will come with a Dagobah diorama base, complete with floating rocks. Yes, that's right; you'll be able to recreate Force levitation with Yoda thanks to some clever accessorization. Also included will be Luke's luggage salvaged from the X-Wing, including a light-up lantern. Those of you hoping Yoda might come packed with a lightsaber will be disappointed, as Hot Toys is sticking to its continuity guns. Since Yoda only had his trusty Jedi weapon in the prequel trilogy, there's no such accessory here. You do get his cane though, so at least you'll be able to pose him bopping your other toys on their heads... or maybe their shins.

Despite still being a bit pricey for what's included, the Yoda looks terrific. As is expected from Hot Toys, the tailoring and clothing fabrication is outstanding. Yoda's head and hands are also nicely rendered. There's a distinct old school feel to the look, which captures the puppet likeness well and isn't quite as elaborately detailed as the CGI versions of the character. Two heads are included, with one coming with the eyes closed to further cement that Force use moment from the film. Now all we need is for Hot Toys to re-release an Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker so we can really get a sweet display going.

The Hot Toys Empire Strikes Back Yoda is currently available for pre-order now for $199.99, and is expected to arrive in late Q4 this year.