Hot Toys' 1/6 scale Spider-Man figure from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie looks like he's in for some towering trouble. With the film opening internationally ahead of its May 2 US release date, the Hong Kong-based Hot Toys has posted a look at what appears to be one of the biggest toys its ever done and a mech that could stand toe-to-metal-toe with much of its cinematic Iron Man offerings. That's right, it's the Rhino.

Actor Paul Giamatti's likeness doesn't really come into play in these photos, but it very well could as the toy gets closer to its as-yet-undisclosed release date. Unlike in the Marvel Comics where Aleksei Sytsevich becomes the Rhino by having a super strong polymer bonded to his skin, the ASM2 movie version of the character is a plutonium-stealing gangster with a grudge against Spider-Man who is given a giant mech by Harry Osborn, (which Sytsevich apparently decorates to reflect his Russian roots). Unless something's changed, the movie version of the Rhino must be smarter than the comic version... or else this mech is just super easy to pilot.

The figure's full specifications haven't been made public just yet, but for now you can enjoy getting the clearest look at the mech that's been made available so far. It's a little boring to see that it comes loaded with machine guns -- I mean if you're going to go full mech with this thing at least give it a beam sword and the ability to transform into a fighter jet too -- but I guess it's not enough to be able to smash buildings in 2014.

You can scope out Hot Toys' The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1/6 scale Rhino figure prototype photos below. Or, if you're in Japan, you can see the prototype in person at the “Marvel Sapiens” Exhibition at Hot Toys’ Tokyo store from tomorrow through May 11.