If the Sideshow Toys Catwoman giveaway we told you about earlier today hasn't satisfied your desire for high-end Batman toys, we have some good news: Hot Toys has announced their 1:6 scale Dark Knight Rises Batman figure that's loaded down with interchangeable hands and heads, plus a ton of accessories. And not only that, but there are also vehicles, including giant versions of The Bat and the Bat-Pod that the figure can ride around on, presumably fighting 1:6 scale crimes.

Check out the pictures of below to see the the incredible amount of detail of the figure, which I can only really describe as "frighteningly realistic."Seriously, as impressive as these figures are for the amount of detail and accuracy that they manage to bring at such a small scale, these things creep me right the hell out. That's largely due to the faces, which are built with what Hot Toys has dubbed the Parallel Eye Rolling System. It sounds like something teenagers would practice to express their displeasure at their parents' taste in music, but in reality, it just keeps their eyes level no matter how you turn their heads, meaning that you can create movie-accurate looks of disapproval from the Dark Knight:

Terrifying. But also pretty fantastic from a technical standpoint. The details on the numerous interchangeable parts alone -- one of which gives the figure that rarely seen Bat-Smile -- are pretty mind-blowing.

As of yet, no price point has been set for the new figure, but the similarly detailed Batman that was released for The Dark Knight in 2009 sold for $175, so it's probably a safe bet that the new one is going to set you back at least that much. And, in true 1980s toy commercial fashion, the vehicles are sold separately.

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[Via Hot Toys]

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