With the September 24 release of the Iron Man 3 DVD/Blu-ray looming, Hot Toys is reminding us all of the menace of the Mandarin with a look at its upcoming 1/6 scale collectible figure based on Ben Kingsley's bad guy role.

Unlike, say, the “Mandarin Mansion Assault Version” of Tony Stark that comes with dozens of accessories, The Mandarin figure's details are mostly all a part of his core costume and sculpt. His selection of seven swappable hands and single pair of removable shades is hardly scant, though, especially when you factor in his chair accessory. He'll be laughing at the other figures destined to stand on shelves all their plastic lives.

The only real shame about this figure? No pull-string activated voice box making this figure recite The Mandarin's creepy lines.

Various online retailers are currently listing the figure for preorder for around $215 with an estimated April release date.



[Via Hot Toys]