In advance of the November 8 premiere of Thor: The Dark World in theaters, Hot Toys has thundered online with the promise of not one, but two Thor 1/6 scale action figures. Mixing things up a bit form the previous version released as part of HT's The Avengers movie line, these new figures feature fresh Chris Hemsworth head sculpts, a redesigned muscular body, an updated costume and revamped accessories. Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir is in the mix, as expected, along with swappable hands. The standard version of the figure be able to slink around in a big ol' Asgardian cloak, while the sleeveless "Light Asgardian Armor Version" version will come packed with a craggy display base to stand on.

The standard Thor figure will retail for around $230, with an expected release date of September of 2014. No word on the variant version, but if it's anything like the 2011 Thor movie figure from Hot Toys or the Avengers version, it will likely fetch anywhere from $200-290. And don't be surprised if Loki, Malekith, Kurse and perhaps a few other familiar faces from the nine realms join the Hot Toys 1/6 scale figure fray in the coming weeks, either.


1/6 Scale Thor


Light Asgardian Armor Version