While most Marvel Comic fans are still stoked that an honest-to-Norse-gods decent Thor film actually arrived in theaters in their lifetime, the film wasn't without its problems. Functioning both as an introductory film and as a cinematic tributary to The Avengers franchise, a lot went down over the course of the movie and viewers may not have been satisfied with its conclusion. Worry not, fellow mortals! The animators at How It Should Have Ended have brought their own Thor finale to the internet to bring you parodical closure.

How It Should Have Ended are no strangers to the summer superhero blockbuster, having spoofed Superman, Batman Begins, Spider-Man 3, Iron Man and other releases. By comparison Thor gets off pretty easy. Most of the HISHE gags revolve around questions of Thor's character rather than the film's internal story logic, meaning the video laughs with Thor fans rather than at them.

Check out the How It Should Have Ended: Thor to see if you agree with its musings:

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