Randy's Donuts is going to have to make some room at the table, because Burger King is getting a craving for some Iron Man action. The fast food chain is taking advantage of the "Iron Man 2" fever pitch by offering a whole slew of tie-in merchandise, including an Iron Man Message Board, a Cyclone Spinning Robot Drone action figure and a lightup Iron Man Mark VI Charm Necklace.

But the craziest tie-in of all is something that gives KFC's Double Down a run for its money - the Whiplash Whopper sandwich.Available for only four weeks, the limited-time burger "captures the sharp edge" of the villainous Ivan Vanko by utilizing ingredients such as melted Pepper Jack cheese, crispy red peppers and spicy mayonnaise. It also electrifies your taste buds with miniature electric whips packed into the burger patty [Assistant Editor's note: Josh may be lying about the whips, but I want it to be true]. It's also tacky as all get out but probably delicious in that oh-I-really-shouldn't-eat-this-but-I-must sort of way.

I'll try to have a report for you once I've gotten my hands on one of these bad boys, assuming I survive the experience.

[Source: Market Watch]