There's been quite a bit of talk on the interwebs this week about the potential of a fully CGI JUSTICE LEAGUE movie hitting theaters in 2010-2011. It seems that to avoid an impending Hollywood talent strike and any conflict with the upcoming BATMAN and SUPERMAN shooting schedules, DC and Warner Brothers would need to start shooting this thing by March 1st with the director of HAPPY FEET potentially at the helm.JLA

As far as I can tell, most of this speculation has stemmed from this article, in which an anonymous source states that the special effects houses ImageWorks and Rhythm & Hues are competing for a contract for the all-motion capture version of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Throw in a possibly-legit confirmation from an insider at ILM and you've got the makings of an internet rumor sensation!

To be honest, does anyone want to see CG Brandon Rouths and Christian Bales running around looking like creepy doll-people? If this thing ends up looking like POLAR EXPRESS or the weird-Angelina-Jolie-CG-nude-scene-WTF?! BEOWULF, you can take me off the "I'm excited" list. Who knows, though? Get a powerhouse like WETA on this project and we could be looking at a great movie where the sky is the limit.