A repeat offender on ComicsAlliance's "Don't Ask! Just Buy It!" feature, iZombie begins this week a brand new storyline that will give you even fewer excuses not to follow this consistently excellent Vertigo series. Written by Chris Roberson (Superman, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love) with artwork by Michael Allred (Madman), "Six Feet Under and Rising" finds sexy zombie girl Gwen hanging out with sexy mummy boy Amon, who needs to tell her something important and presumably sexy. You can check out a preview below.iZombie is the story of Gwen, a beautiful young woman who happens to be a zombie. If Gwen doesn't eat a brain regularly, she'll go full-on gross undead-lookin' zombie, so she works as a gravedigger to facilitate her dark needs. But when Gwen eats a brain, she's compelled to sort out whatever unfinished business the deceased has left behind. Sometimes that is making peace with loved ones, but most often it's about solvingghoulish mysteries along the lines you would expect from the creators of Madman and Fables spinoff Cinderella. There are also vampires and monster hunters running around, but luckily Gwen has her friends Spot the were-terrier and Ellie the mod girl ghost to watch her back. The first chunk of stories has been collected in a lovely paperback volume you can buy here.

On sale this week, iZombie #13 beings the "Six Feet Under and Rising" storyline, in which mummy man Amon requests a meeting with Gwen (who's hoping it's not a date) while the series' vampire girls collect a new soul. Also beginning in issue #15 is a new series of backup stories starring the Dead Presidents, a group of government agents whose mission will make life, such as it is, for Gwen and her friends a lot more annoying.

You can buy iZombie #13 this Wednesday at finer comic shops or order it online from Things From Another World.



Art and cover by MICHAEL ALLRED

This issue marks the beginning of the new story which will play out in "real time" over the course of the coming issues. In May, 2011, zombie girl Gwen and her friends solve a mystery just in time to keep an even more mysterious appointment with Amon, the sexy mummy, while the vampire girls add a new member to their number and the monster hunters prowl the streets. And in the first of a series of backup stories, we meet a group of government agents who will soon be making life very difficult for Gwen and company. But who are the Dead Presidents?

Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers

On Sale May 4, 2011