On sale right now in comics shops and via DC Digital is iZombie #19, the latest issue of Chris Roberson and Michael Allred's cult hit Vertigo series about sexy zombie girl Gwen (who has to eat brains to keep from becoming a full-on unsexy zombie) and her variously dead or otherwise supernatural friends as they navigate an increasingly vibrant world of paranormal intrigue (and romance). The Eisner-nominated series is a consistent presence in ComicsAlliance's Don't Ask, Just Buy It! feature, and with the title now available "same day digital," Vertigo provided us with the preview to help entice you to check it out right away.

Additionally, creators Roberson (Vertigo's Cinderella, Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes) and Allred (Madman, X-Statix) tell us why the new storyline, "Repossessed," is such a great place for new readers jump on. Read their remarks about a gay were-terrier's sexual awakening and the iZombie #19 preview after the cut."iZombie 19 is the first issue of a new story arc, 'Repossessed,' in which we learn how our various cast members are dealing with the fallout of the recent zombie invasion of Eugene, Oregon," Roberson told ComicsAlliance. "This issue focuses on Scott, or 'Spot' as he's sometimes known. Spot is a were-terrier, who is transformed by the light of a full moon into a half-man/half-dog, with all of the hungers and appetites of a well-behaved housepet. And in this issue, we finally get to a story that we've been building towards since the series began. Spot's gradual realization about his sexuality was a key part of the larger iZombie storyline from very early on in the development phase, and I'm excited that readers will finally have a chance to see what we've been building up to. (And to see the truly amazing work that Mike & [colorist] Laura Allred are doing!)

"So what HAVE we been building up to? Well, when we first met Spot back when iZombie began, he followed Gwen Dylan around like a puppy dog, nurturing a school-boy crush on her. But in recent issues, Spot has gradually discovered things about himself that he hadn't realized before. And in this issue, he goes out on his first date with the person who helped him make those realizations-Gwen's brother, Gavin.

"But Gavin's life is far more complicated than Spot realizes, not least of which because of his mysterious connection to the ghostly avenger who has begun haunting the streets of Eugene.

"The 'Repossessed' storyline sets up an entirely new status quo for each of our characters, who have all seen their circumstances completely changed in the wake of the zombie invasion. And so iZombie #19 (not only the first issue of the storyline but the first issue of the series to go digitally 'day-and-date') makes a perfect jumping on place for new readers."

Series artist Michael Allred is also hopeful that new readers will check out iZombie with this new issue, telling CA, "This issue is a perfect example of how deep the well is on these characters. Chris is unleashed and an exciting writer to be watching and reading (but watch him carefully and keep your fingers away from his cage). I can't believe I get to draw this killer stuff."

iZombie #19 is on sale now in finer comics stores and digitally via comiXology's DC Comics app and Web store. Additionally, the entire iZombie collection is available digitally, so check it out.