Have you ever dreamed of an alternate universe where John Belushi played Wolverine in the "X-Men" films? Me neither. Tonight, I think that's going to change.

Custom toy maker Shinobitron has created an incredible Samurai Wolverine action figure that only gets more amazing when you realize how it was made - by utilizing John Belushi from XToys' Saturday Night Live action figures as Wolverine's base. Admittedly, Belushi was already equipped with his Samurai Baker getup, but the idea of turning the iconic funnyman into an eyepatch clad Wolverine in warrior robes strikes me as completely genius.

Belushi-Logan kind of makes you wonder which other SNL figures would make for great X-Men customs. It feels like Molly Shannon's Mary Katherine Gallagher exists for the sole purpose of being turned into a Kitty Pryde custom. Shinobitron, if you're reading this, I assume that you have already begun to satisfy my dreams of an X-Men team created purely by SNL figures. Thanks in advance.

[Link via Toy Cutter]