Egg Fu is not a character that I know much about [Assistant Editor's Note: He was an extremely offensive Asian stereotype until '52' modded him into an extremely hilarious egg stereotype]. Based on looks alone, he's a sentient egg with cracks in his shell face and he walks around on technological spider leg things. Is that about right? If so, that's pretty awkward. Given his physical appearance, I can understand why we haven't really seen an Egg Fu action figure from DC Direct yet. For size purposes, you'd probably want him as a build-a-figure, but how many different components can you really break him down by?

Well, somebody has cracked the case and figured out how to do an Egg Fu action figure justice. Over at The Fwoosh, custom toy maker JRNorth has done everybody a favor by building his own Egg Fu, and while it's definitely weird, it's also really impressive.

"Worked on this one for a while, and like any ambitious project, it isn't 100% what I hoped for, but I'm still pretty pleased with the result," JRNorth said of his custom.

Here's the process breakdown from the toy maker himself: Fu has two main sections - the egg face/backpack and the spider-legs. The head was made from a foam egg, then consequently sculpted with facial features. Fu's legs were constructed from a building block set bought on clearance, resulting in a "heavily articulated" set of limbs. The result is a simultaneously awe-inspiring and awkward custom job that I'd love to see on toy shelves some day.