Batman's gone manga before, but he and Hal Jordan look young and sprightly in the hands of a deviantART user who goes by the name of Karama-Wari. No matter how youthful Ryan Reynolds makes Green Lantern look in his film this year, her group shot of Hal with Kilowog and Arisia Rrab looks like a promo poster for the greatest GL anime that's never aired on Adult Swim.

She also draws a spunky, multi-belted Superboy, who you'll see playing around with Impulse and Robin in a colorful action shot from her gallery. Bruce and Dick, meanwhile, look like they're ready to hug it out in some yaoi fan-fiction. But you know what? Such concepts have been depicted elsewhere on the Internet in far less tasteful ways.

Enjoy their clean complexions, and see what could be if DC only considered going to the Marvel Mangaverse route with some of its core universe heroes below.