While it was a tad controversial when Emma Frost got her new black costume in Uncanny X-Men, she's completely owned the look, as she has with all of her costumes through the years. As one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe, her confidence knows no bounds. That attitude is captured perfectly in the new statue from Kotobukiya.

As part of the planned Uncanny X-Men line, which is designed by Adi Granov, the Emma Frost statue realizes the teacher's full potential in 3D form. The line follows a similarly-styled series based on Granov's take on the Avengers from Marvel Now. A complete team including Cyclops (due in October), Magik, Wolverine, Magneto, Beast and Rogue is planned, but so far only the mutant power couple has been shown beyond concept art.

Sculpted by Junosuke Abe, the same artist that rendered Granov's Avengers in statue form, the Emma Frost ArtFX+ statue comes in at 7.5" tall. The pose she's striking gives the idea she's mid-telepathic survey, as the group shot conceptualized by Granov shows the entire team ready to strike. Unlike Cyclops, and many of the other male members of the team, Emma's costume allows for some nice effects. Abe's sculpt gives the impression there's some wind blowing, perhaps from Magneto hovering nearby, as her hair and cape are both flowing in the breeze. Also, I always thought Emma was wearing a black coat, but apparently it's a cape with shoulder pads and a collar.

Based on the production photos, the paint app appears to be doing a nice job metallic elements of her base costume, while differentiating that same black tone with a more matte application on her cape. It's always a concern that a physical version of a costume that relies so heavily on just one color won't show any true variation, but Koto's painters appear to be up to the challenge. I'm not that keen on the paint job on her face (the sculpt looks fine), but as this is a prototype, there will hopefully be some improvements before the final piece arrives later this year.

You can pre-order the Uncanny X-Men Emma Frost ArtFX+ statue now from Kotobukiya for $54.99. It's expected to arrive in December 2015.

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