Ever wanted your own butler, but didn't have the vast resources of an orphaned billionaire playboy genius? Well thanks to Kotobukiya, you'll finally have a chance to take home an Alfred of your own... albeit one that comes at 1/10 scale, and doesn't really do much but stand there and look dapper.

The Alfred Pennyworth ArtFX+ statue is the first of three San Diego Comic-Con exclusives Koto will have on hand at this year's show. The most famous butler in the known world will fit in nicely with the rest of the previously released Batman family ArtFX+ statues, all of which come in 1/10 scale (~8").

To this point, we've seen Batman, Damian Wayne, Nightwing, Batgirl, Catwoman and Red Hood released or announced in Koto's ArtFX+ series, and Alfred makes a surprising, though welcome, addition to the Batman side of the line. Mostly, the statues in this series have all been heroes and villains, and Alfred would appear to be the first civilian offered in any capacity in the DC branch of Koto's portfolio.

The sculpt itself (by Keita Misonou) captures the former MI-5 agent rather nicely, what with his prim and proper butler uniform rendered well all the way down to his white gloves. The portrait, while not spectacular, does capture a bit of the Brit's wry spirit as he appears to be quietly questioning yet another of Batman's bold outfit choices. Curiously, Alfred doesn't come with the magnetic base that many of the other ArtFX+ figures do, though he will have magnets in his feet so he can be displayed alongside existing figures in the line.

Alfred will be available at SDCC, but Koto is offering pre-orders starting on June 12 through its website. No pricing has been revealed as of yet, but the ArtFX+ line varies from $35-$55. As it's an exclusive figure, you can probably expect to pay towards the higher end of that spectrum, even without the base.