Ilyana Rasputin has been a part of the X-Men family for decades, but her most recent incarnation as a member of Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men team has elevated her prominence in the Marvel Universe. She's had an incredibly complicated history, which is often a prerequisite for membership in the X-Men, but to be fair, she really came into her own in the Marvel Now era.

After the success of the the ArtFX+ Avengers line, Kotobukiya has been filling out the roster of the Marvel Now X-Men. To this point, Cyclops and Emma Frost have been fully revealed, with Magik previously only being teased as a prototype at SDCC 2015. This week, Koto officially unveiled the painted prototype of the Adi Granov-designed statue, showing Illyana in her bad-ass splendor.

Interestingly enough, while may of the concept designs for the statue line have been original, Magik appears to be the only one based off one of Granov's previous covers (Uncanny X-Men #20 variant). Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's a powerful pose, and it's easy to see why Granov went back to that well for the character. Her Soul Sword is front and center, and Magik's got a great IDGAF stare going on.

The sculpt from Junosuke Abe brings Granov's sketches to life just as well as it has for the previous statues, though I'm not completely sold on the paint app for her hair. The rest of the piece looks great, and has some nice flourishes differentiating the various black hues used for her lethal costume. Even in prototype form though, the hair looks off. It's got no life and looks like a first pass rather than a finished work. It's odd given how well the paint job is elsewhere, but I can't get past how drab it makes her look. Hopefully it will be fixed by the time the statue arrives in February 2016.

There's no price attached yet, but it will likely fall in the $54.99-$59.99 range like the rest of the announced statues.


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