It's been a few weeks since her wins at The Grammys, but folks across the comic book community are still musing over Lady Gaga's glittery hat, which has branded a stand-in for Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

That conclusion got us thinking: What other comic book friendly locations would make good headwear for one of pop music's biggest icons? Surely the Last Son of Krypton's crib isn't the only place worth topping a multiple Grammy winner's noggin.

After the jump, consider some of our fashionable location choices for Gaga's next award show appearance.
Castle Greyskull

Easily the most celebrated abode in all of Eternia, this skull-adorned castle might not transform Gaga into She-Ra (that's up to the arguably less awesome Crystal Castle), but it would give her the power to smash Skeletor with a headbutt.

Fortress Maximus:

One of the Autobots' biggest and most spacious comrades, Fortress Maximus could help Lady Gaga show off her "I-can-transform-into-a-friggin-city" prowess. In a pinch, a Metroplex outfit might work too.

The Technodrome

As the base of operations for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's greatest foes, the Technodrome would give Gaga a subterranean traveling method capable of shaking the Papa-paparazzi.

The Ghostbusters' Firehouse

Ghost won't be the only thing looking strange in the neighborhood when Gaga dons the Ghostbusters' firehouse base of operations. Provided she avoids an ectoplasm makeup motif and coupled it with a proton pack, this look could win the respect of Gozer him/herself.


In a way, The Doctor's police box-styled time-and-relative-dimensions-in-space ship is the perfect place to keep Lady Gaga's head. Being bigger on the inside than out, the performer could carry her costume changes with her throughout an event without anyone being the wiser. Plus, she'd have the added benefit of traveling back a few weeks in time to change her mind about the Fortress of Solitude hat to keep this list from ever happening.