They're not in-hand minifigures, but display stands images at the currently-underway The UK's 2012 Toy Fair give fans a pretty significant look at Lego's upcoming The Lord of the Rings, The Avengers and Universal Monsters characters. Blogomatic3000's images capture fans' first good look at the face of Lego Hulk (who was expressionless when Marvel and DC figures debuted at Comic-Con), plus what's essentially the core cast of LoTR and Universal's three most popular monsters. If you were wondering how Lego's smaller Hobbits would stack up against their human and elf homies, this new image will make your day. It's also pretty fun to see The Wolf Man sporting the same plastic claws as Lego's Wolverine minifig. Check out the Lego displays after the jump.

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[Via Toy Ark]

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