Lego has its share of official plans for Marvel characters starting this spring in preparation for The Avengers movie, especially for the Star-Spangled Avenger, Captain America. ForestFire Films has plans of its own, however, which are considerably less E for Everyone. In their 2:25 minute stop motion animated short, a custom Lego Captain America (armed with weapons from Brickarms) clears through room after room of Nazis with ultra-violent abandon and considerable supersoldier style. The real Captain America might take issue with his custom Lego counterpart's over-the-top approach to wasting bad guys, but he probably wouldn't argue with his efficiency. Also, to lil' Lego Cap's credit, he doesn't seem to take much pleasure in ripping off a dude's arms and beating him with them. Lego war is just hell, you know? See the fan animated Lego Captain America in action after the cut (NSFW if your boss hates modeling clay gore).