We've showed you Lego Cube Dudes, we've showed you custom minifigs, but there's something extra special about our latest find - Lego reenactments of two classic comic book covers.

This set of Lego comic book covers (including "Action Comics" #1 and "Justice Society of America" #1) were created by none other than Julian Fong of Pixar's Flickr stream.

Fong's setups are impressive by any stretch of the imagination and his thoughtful critiques of his own handiwork are pretty interesting (how hard it was to find all the green pieces for the green Studebaker, which pieces were original and which were modded, etc.). Basically it's just nice to know a super genius responsible for some beautiful animation thinks about the same things we do.

He's also got some minifig customs I've never seen anywhere else on the Web - namely of DC characters like Kingdom Come Superman and Jakeem Thunder.

Check out the covers (and abundant JSA minifigs) after the jump...

Action Comics #1

Justice Society Of America #1

What other comics covers do you think would look legit in Lego?