When it comes to custom toys, few mods bring a smile to brickphiles like the calm expression of a Lego dude (or dudette) clad in some killer threads. That's why when I came upon these in my Interwebulous nightly travels, I had to spread the word.

As Comicbookmarks pointed out earlier this fall (we missed it then, glad we found it now), Brickshelf user Xueren's produced scores of miniature gentlebricks and ladies, all adorned in custom superhero skins from across the four corners of publishing. The results are disarming to say the least.

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We've linked to the mighty Lego Cubedudes before, but trust us, you'll want to see the minifigs in action.

Ant-Man (One of the first two, most likely the very dead Scott Lang) and Deadpool

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Power Girl

Hellboy and Spawn bringing the brutality

Apollo and The Rocketeer

MiracleMarvelman and, yep, Alan Moore

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