Inspired by the comics in old LEGO magazines, UK-based designer Jonathan Robson has created an interactive comics-reading platform in the beloved LEGO idiom. Called "Audio Comics," Robson's concept -- which is not official -- involves downloading a fully produced audiobook that's then transferred onto a USB drive which inserts into a helmet based on that worn by the classic LEGO figures. Children wear the helmet, which has built-in speakers with which to listen to the audio file while they read the corresponding comic book, which is received by mail.

While not an official LEGO product, Robson's concept seems like a no-brainer. Certainly, we would probably buy that sweet helmet today and we're grown-ups, so we're pretty sure children would eat it up. And as the press release indicates, that immersion into fantasy would facilitate the crucial development of reading skills.

As a child, designer Jonathan Robson subscribed to the LEGO Club and received the LEGO magazine through his door containing puzzles, competitions and comics. He explains: 'When I was young I played with LEGO a lot and all I used to read was the comics in LEGO magazines, I'd like to give something back to them as they helped me learn to read.'

Robson's website has loads of behind-the-scenes information on the construction of the LEGO space helmet and its comic book accessory, some of which you can see below.