I love Thor. If you're talking about a heavily muscled Norse God with a hulking hammer, an uncanny knack for cracking thunder and hilariously archaic speech patterns, then you're speaking my language. That said, even I might have to draw a line when it comes to my love for Marvel's goldilocked Thunder God - a line that starts with the introduction of Sideshow Collectibles and Marvel Entertainment's life-sized Thor bust.

Vaguely resembling a 'roided out Willem Dafoe, this Thor bust is 28.5" high, 27.5" in width and 26" in diameter, resulting in a 30 pound package of pure Asgardian craziness. Priced at $649.99, fans strapped for cash can opt for a flexpay plan for as low as $130.00 a month. Even then, it's a steep price to pay if you're not an enormous Thor fan, and even then, you might want to consider whether or not having this thing guarding your darkened hallway while you stumble home from a long night at the bar is the wisest decision available to you.Okay, so maybe that is the wisest decision! If nothing else, this bust is something to consider putting on your holiday wish list, as it's scheduled to ship out in the fourth quarter of 2010.