Movies: The first stills from Zack Snyder's 300: Rise of an Empire are... shiny and full of ab. [USA Today]

Gaming: Though Iron Man 3 probably won't be getting a current generation console tie-in video game, a new Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City mod dubbed "Iron Man IV" may help tide over fans. [Kotaku]

Video: Andy Richter dons full The Walking Dead zombie makeup and hits the town during Conan's visit to Atlanta. [Team CoCo]

Lego: Bummed that Lego hasn't made an Iron Man Mark I suit yet? CK Tsang and HK Lug's helpful tutorial to build your own should make your blocky spirits soar. [The Brothers Brick]

Toys: Bandai Japan's TV promo for its S.H.Figuarts sentai figures shows off some new Akibaranger toys, among others. [JEFusion]

Infographics: 8Ball tries its hand at visualizing the History of Superman. [8Ball]

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