YourMoveCreeps: The upcoming Robocop reboot miiiiight have a director in Jose Padilha. [Deadline]

Digital: Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee's illustrated poem 100 Words is now available for the first time digitally via comiXology's DC app for $0.99. [The Source]

Lists: Topless Robot confirms the existence of a Superman "S" shield gun, a ninja turtle face telescope and more crazy role-playing toys. [TR]

Music: Adam Warrock's latest release (20 tracks!) hones in on the works of Oni Press. Yes, you will want to download it. [AdamWarrock]

Movies: Empire Magazine's latest issue will feature a new image of Jason Momoa as Conan... in Conan. [Empire]

Art: The CBLDF's new sketchcard series is looking pretty righteous thus far. [CBLDF]

Movies: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night finally has a release date. You can get your Brandon Routh on in the US starting April 29. [Heat Vision]

Movies: Just in case anyone thought Hollywood would be crazy enough to cast Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and NOT Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, Oprah totally got Catwomanfirmation. [Blastr]

Art: DevinatArtist LJK08 recasts The Rocky Horror Picture Show with DC Comics characters in "He's The Hero." [TDW]