DVD: All 33 episodes of Bob Newhart's 1992 sitcom, Bob, about a Golden Age comic book artist's reluctant '90s resurgence will be collected on DVD in April. [Robot6]

Movies: P.J. Hogan has signed on to direct an unspecified style of feature film based on Jeff Smith's Bone. Given Hogan's live action credentials, the movie could wind up being a live action CGI hybrid, but who knows? [SHH]

Gaming: The Marvel Heroes MMO will be powered by Unreal Engine 3 technology. Does that mean everything will look gorgeous but nobody will be able to jump? Either way, it's nice to know there'll be some power under the game's hood. [Marvel]

Gaming: CA EiC Laura Hudson's secret childhood cartoon crush, Pit, returns on March 23 in Kid Icarus: Uprising. [ANN]

Toys: Hot Toys is bringing back its massive The Dark Knight Batmobile. Now go sell a kidney, or something. [Facebook]

Humor: My Little Pony invades Skyrim. Friendship with Nords, Elves and such is apparently not so magical. [Joystiq]

Toys: DC Direct will release a Spy vs. Spy vinyl toy two-pack on May 23 that's chock fulla' weapons. [TNI]

Gaming: A first image from the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PlayStation 3 game seems somewhat promising. [Kotaku]

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