Animation: YouTube user etoilec1's awesome Dragon Ball Z flip book has me hoping he considers putting his skills to use in comics someday. [TDW]

TV: The latest "Fan Corrections" segment on Conan examines proper zombie behavior on The Walking Dead. [TeamCoCo]

Whaaaa?: Life has imitated art as a real-life couple has reportedly named their real-life child "Hashtag" just about a week after Fred Van Lente announced an upcoming G.I. Joe who will rock the social media term as a codename. [Mashable]

Toys: NECA's 7" Chell figure will likely suit Portal and Portal 2 fans quite nicely once it arrives in stores this February. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Hero HQ is featuring Wade Wilson's works of art to promote the upcoming Deadpool video game. [HHQ]

Manga: A special 28-page Weekly One Piece Newspaper was released in Japan last week, containing new art by series creator Eiichiro Oda. [JEFusion]

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