Movies: ABC will air a one-hour Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe commercial special on March 18 to promote Marvel's upcoming films, including Avengers: Age of Ultron. [ScreenCrush]


Lotteria Attack On Titan Burger

Food: Lotteria will begin selling massive Attack on Titan cheeseburgers in Japan on March 6. There'll be 5-patty, 7-patty and even a 10-patty offerings, with the largest one costing roughly $20 USD. [ANN]


the conjuring
Warner Bros.

Movies: Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring) is going to be in Ant-Man. Playing somebody. Sidenote: Doesn't he always kinda remind you of Will Arnett? [ScreenCrush]


power rangers dino charge poster graphic

Tokusatsu: It seems that Power Rangers Dino Charge will be followed by Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. [HenshinJustice]


Gaming: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine will unveil the Infinite Crisis Open Beta in March. Also? There's new champion profiles for Aquaman, Green Arrow and Mecha Superman. [Arcade Sushi]


Toys: DC Collectibles shows fans how to create cool snow effects for their toys to display a proper winter wonderland. [DC Entertainment]

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