Zen Pencils/Shortpacked

Comic Strips: Shortpacked responds to how Zen Pencils' presented a portion of an iconic Bill Watterson speech in a recent comic. [Short Packed]


Video: Tara Strong and Mark Hamill reprise their Harley Quinn and Joker voice roles IRL on Vine. [Tara Strong]


Toys: Super7 is teaming with Funko to "debut and extend" their 3.75" Alien ReAction Figure line. [Super7]


Costumery: Attack on Titan fans will soon be able to purchase an official Collossal Titan costume and mask... and act like this guy? [Crunchyroll]


Corn Mazes: An enterprising Oregon farmer has cut a Plants Vs. Zombies 2 corn maze... or maybe it was aliens??? [Kotaku]


Movies: The Arcadia is under attack in the latest clip from the CG Space Captain Harlock feature. [JEFusion]