Art: A Japanese toast artist by the moniker of Kummy burns a mean slice of Pikachu for breakfast. [Kotaku]

Movies: Variety reports that James Badge Dale has been cast as the Iron Man 3 as Eric Savin/Coldblood. [Collider]

Digital: In an interview with ICv2, Image Publisher Eric Stephenson revealed that, though it varies from title to title, "digital is a double digit percentage of sales," overall for the company. [ICv2]

New: Angie Wang's latest, Girl Apocalypse, is now available in both print and digital formats. [Angie Wang]

Webcomics: Didyouseethis imagines a version of Street Fighter that I want to buy 17 of. Right now. [Tumblr]

Gaming: The latest promo vid for Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition digs into how the game's scores of sound effects were brought to life. [Machinima]

Lego: Flickr user Calin shares their sweet Lego take on the Batmobile as a hot rod. [The Brothers Brick]

Upcoming: Top Shelf promotes Ed Piskor's upcoming Wizzywig OGN about hacker Kevin "Boingthump" Phenicle with a special track by Adam WarRock and Mikal kHill. [Top Shelf]

Webcomics: Grant Snider boils down the life of a novelist -- a great one, anyway. [Incidental Comics]

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